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  • There is a leash law for all dogs in the Village.  Any dog running at large may be subject to be impounded by the Sheriff's office.

  • The storing of unlicensed, inoperable, or wrecked vehicles outside for more than 30 days is against the Municipal Code of Chambers.

  • It is the homeowner's responsibility to maintain their property from the middle of the street to the middle of the alley: this includes taking care of sidewalks, weeds, and grass.

  • Grass & weeds must be kept below 12".  Once over 12", it is considered a Public Nuisance and can be removed by the Village at the owner's expense.

  • Building permits are required and they must be approved prior to beginning any work.  Click here for the document.

  • The Village of Chambers offers the use of a land fill located 1 mile south and west of the Village.  Grass clipping, garden waste, and branches maybe placed there.

  • In the Spring of each year, the Village will provide a Village wide clean up and will make dumpters available free of charge.

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